• motivation

  • awareness

  • satisfaction

“People make companies what they are. Motivation, awareness and job satisfaction are the keys to success.”

Artemis works to identify executives best suited to manage changing corporate environments and promote growth for our clients, while simultaneously supporting these managers in making career choices and taking on new challenges.


  • markets

  • companies

  • individuals

“We founded our firm with the concept of integrating our knowledge of screening and selection methods together with our expertise in human resource consulting. This has enabled us to provide a solid and innovative approach of creating synergies for the market, companies and individuals.”

Artemis Career Consulting was founded in 2009 by a group of accomplished partners with consolidated experience in global executive search and career consulting.


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  • identification

  • intelligence

  • promptness

“Applying these key assets have made us adept market leaders equipped to provide proactive choices and expert services to our clients.”

Consolidated Methodological Approach:
-Executing dedicated direct-search talent selection, a structured interview process, and reference checks.
-Proficiency in surveying market intelligence, trends, and statistics.
-Punctual and exceptional delivery of market data, recommendations and solutions.


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  • scenario

  • analysis

  • tools

“A Systematic Knowledge Structure: Facilitating a thorough analysis of market environments and dynamics, positions and skills, supply and demand.”

Adaptable Technological Tools: Empowering us to carefully research, filter and coordinate information expressly designed to meet client requirements.